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We take your floor plans or blueprints and enlarge them to full life-size scale, with details down to the inch. We know it can feel overwhelming imagining the size, scale, and proportion of your home from house plans or architectural blueprints alone. Our pioneering integrated technology brings your floor plans to life with your full-scale plan on-site so you can understand how the plans will translate in the real world to gain a better sense of the design. Big Floor Plans provides you the opportunity to physically walk-through your plans and visualize what your spaces and overall flow will look like in life-size scale.

Completely Customizable

Made in U.S.A., custom-manufactured RECYCLABLE material 

Real life size floor plan!

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Big Floor Plans bridges the gap between your dreams and reality. Walking through your full-scale floor plan allows you and your builder, architect or designer to be on the same page and communicate easier and more effectively. A full-scale walk-through helps you prevent costly changes before breaking ground that can be time-consuming, and cause frustration and building delays - saving you time and money. The result is perfect floor plans from the get-go, no bumped out timelines, and no surprise expenses mid-construction.

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Show as many or as few details as you want. Our imaging technicians can add a wide variety of customizations to your plans or you can submit your plans with no modifications, directly from the architect. You can see the shape of your kitchen, layout of your living room and other spaces along with details such as flooring, furniture, countertops, pools, landscaping and much more, to a true life-size scale. Make any changes to your plan you’d like before breaking ground to create your perfect dream home or commercial project down to the last detail.

Building a House


For homebuyers looking to build a new home or remodel an existing home, Big Floor Plans is the perfect solution to getting it right. You can reduce the odds of buyers or remodelers remorse by addressing any missing details or areas of concern before beginning construction. For builders, save time and resources by replacing a model or spec home with reusable Big Floor Plans, at a fraction of the cost. No more waiting to show a home to potential buyers until it’s completed and no more costly model home cleaning bills.

Architects at Work

We work with small and large forward-thinking developers and design professionals looking to innovate the way buildings are designed. It’s the ultimate tool for collaboration - where your clients and stakeholders can see how your floor plan will translate in the real world, identify design challenges, test concepts, and make informed decisions. We can customize your plan for all your branding and marketing needs. Let Big Floor Plans help sell your commercial project.



Imagine being able to see your home or commercial project in full-scale on your own site before you build. Big Floor Plans offers an immersive visualization experience for great design outcomes through our innovative technology. Perfect your floor plans with Big Floor Plans, and make informed decisions that will save you time, frustrations, and money.